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offer 173 -
Grand Estate, Cattle Ranch in Rocha for sale, Uruguay, close to cost 173, Rocha, Uruguay


grand estate Rocha
Uruguay Rocha

1.982 hectare / 4.895 acre

asking : current status and asking price, see main listings page

30% hill terrain, native forest/srcub covered, 70% pasture, gently ondulated, partly dotted with native palm trees (Butia). Suitable for full circle cattle ranching, breeding-fattening, forestation, eco tourism. Big lake can be seen in distance

major and minor streams
Coneat* = 81

main house 5x bedrooms, 3x bath rooms, administrator`s home, staff's home, 3x barns .

23x fenced subdivisions all water supplied by streams or small reservoires (tajamares, 10x), sown pastures 850 ha, fertilised (250kg P/ha p.a. since 2002) lifestock instalations, public electricity
major gravel road at gate, small town at 23 km, Atlantic beaches at 32 km, Montevideo at 288 km

outstanding scenary, a true grand estate

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