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109 ha fruit orchade / farm , Canelones, Uruguay

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photos were taken in winter (end of May)


operative fruityard
Uruguay Canelones

109 hectare / 269 acre

asking : current status and asking price, see main listings page

65% best cropland soils as being typical for fruit production locations, 35% lowlands along streams being exellent natural pasture

two streams, one reservoire for irrigation 50.000 m
Coneat* = 136

small, thatched roof owner's home, pool, large hall for packing and machinery, public electricity, 3 wells, good gravel road at gate, paved road at 8 km, downtown Montevideo at 45 km
on 20 ha (hectare) fruit trees, aprox. breakup being 3500 apple, 10900 plum, 9800 peach, 7800 pear trees. Vinyard discontinued since not being core business, region is a wine growing one.
Very thoroughly operated and established in the market, for sale since owner plans to retire on medium term. Family ran it for more than half a century. Generations planted ornamental and wind breaking cypress, poplar, palm trees, adding a mediterranian european aspect to the landscape.

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